Business Transformation

Organisations often want to implement change but are too busy doing their “day job” & don’t have the experience or focus to facilitate change. We offer strategic planning, review, & project management & remediation. We are experienced in business transformations in Retail, Manufacturing, Mining, Government, IT, Marketing, Franchising, & Commercialisation.

We have started businesses & have had successful exits. We totally understand every step of the business life cycle. As such, we offer empathy and experience in management and business transformation solutions. If your company needs to define, clarify, expand, or needs the services of experienced program managers that work with your company and its people, Time Masters is for you. Be like some of our previous clients – from Vodafone to BHP, governments through to Industry bodies, right through to start-ups and early stage ventures – and enjoy the value we drive through projects that deliver results.

Our focus is on achieving the stakeholder objectives through strategic planning and delivery in a timely and cost-effective manner. Whether it be from delivering program and project management from our suite of services, through to providing training from the suite of up-skilling courses we have developed in our time supplying our services to organisations big and small, Time Masters will move your business forward to achieve its goals.

Through high level planning combined with energy and focus, and an approach that is not bound by conventional thinking, we are well versed in making good things happen!

What We Offer

Your Board, Mentors, or Business Reflectors

Many small to medium sized business owners operate “one out”, at times feeling isolated from their management team or staff on some of the more complex or sensitive issues of the business...

Commercialisation, Grants, and Funding

We assist businesses at all stages access the necessary funding they require to achieve their plans. Whether it be finding cash from within, right through to governments grants...

Business Transformation

Successful businesses must continue to evolve and ride on the edge of opportunity. However, the challenge is to continue to drive profits from the core business, and not lose focus while implementing change in the organisation...

Business Survival

Business liquidation is the death knell, with administration (the preceding step) usually handled by companies that often take the last vestiges of breath from a company (that is why so many companies who go into administration end up in liquidation...

Business Evolution

Take your business to the next level. Many businesses are bound by conventional thinking, thus limiting their ability to grow to their desired levels of profitability and corporate value.Our team is well versed in assisting businesses grow...

Strategic Planning

The old adage of “businesses don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan” has never been more true than in today’s economic environment. Developing strategic intent and the direction of a business...

Negotiations & Agreements

Negotiations & Agreements When it comes to the drafting of agreements, the challenge for most businesses is in aligning legal, accounting, and management intent, and getting the organisation’s advisors to work in harmony to deliver a stated outcome.

Business Divestment

Traditional methods for valuation of businesses are being challenged like never before. Simple mutiples of EBIT are giving way to more complex strategic formulas. In positioning a business for divestment, we help define the business owner’s exit...

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