Time Masters was started in the UK by Steven Flint after a 20 year career directing large and complex programs. The business grew to support many sizeable UK, European and USA companies as well as a significant number of smaller start up companies.

In 2004, Steve teamed with Bryan Vadas to form Time Masters (Australia) Pty Ltd. Since then, we have brought together a team of people skilled in the areas of management, IT, marketing, strategic planning, finance and funding, legal, and accounting who all share the same culture of working together to assist business drive desired outcomes within time, scope, and budget.

The combined skill sets created an organisation with expertise covering manufacturing, IT, legal, financial, construction, retail, telecommunications, franchising, promotion and marketing, and research and development for SMEs right though to multinationals in both the private and public sectors.

We focus on achieving the stakeholder objectives through strategic planning and delivery in a timely and cost effective manner.