Providing linkages to capital and support for Small Business, Start Ups, and Early Stage Ventures.


iPledg is a crowd funding platform on which those with creative, commercial, charitable, and community endeavours can engage their networks to raise funds for a range of initiatives.


Tile Agencies Group (T.A.G.) sources wall and floor tile products from around the world, and represents the products from reputable and relevant manufacturers. In addition, T.A.G. offers expertise in sourcing and specialist advice in all matters tile and is referred by key industry groups such as the Housing Industry Association and the Master Builders Association

Silk Road Agencies


Your personal importer, bringing you products considerably cheaper, through buying direct from factories then eliminating layers of distribution cost and overhead. Bringing you a world of products at fantastic prices, but with really average service.


Saving young lives on our roads by removing the temptation of phone use while driving.