When it comes to the drafting of agreements, the challenge for most businesses is in aligning legal, accounting, and management intent, and getting the organisation’s advisors to work in harmony to deliver a stated outcome.

Business today has enough hurdes to jump over, so the last thing business owners need is to be told what they can’t do. We pride ourselves on finding a way to get you the result you want, whilst making you fully aware of the risk profile of each solution, thus giving you full control in getting to your destination in a fully informed position, and in a position of control.

At Time Masters, we assist business with internal and external contract negotiation, and drafting of agreements to capture the spirit and intent of the direction or activity being undertaken.

Negotiation is a skill we have honed over time, and our approach to negotiating alongside you is founded on a holistic approach to desired outcomes. Our supportive approach involves our team helping you plan what it is that your oragnisation wants to achieve in the negotiation process, going into negotiations alongside you, then making sure that the esssnce of the discussions is captured and acted upon.